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CLI for setting location in the iOS simulator

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This is a simple CLI for easily setting the location of the currently running iOS Simulator.


Set a specific latitude and longitude:

$ set-simulator-location -c 37.7765 -122.3918

Or using place search:

$ set-simulator-location -q Lyft HQ San Francisco

By default the location is set on all booted simulators. If you'd like to change it for only one of the booted simulators you can pass

followed by the simulator's display name:
$ set-simulator-location -q Lyft HQ San Francisco -s iPhone X

NOTE: If you have multiple booted simulators with the same name, the location will be set on all of them.




$ brew install lyft/formulae/set-simulator-location



$ mint install lyft/set-simulator-location

With a precompiled release:

  1. Download the latest release from here
  2. Install it some place in your


$ make install

I have submitted a Radar to have this behavior added to



To work on

you can make your changes and run
to build from the command line. If you'd prefer to work in Xcode you can run
make xcode
to generate a project using SwiftPM.

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