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Repository for my java projects.

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Repository for my java projects

1. NettyMqService

How to implement a message queue service with Netty and RabbitMQ.

中文详情(Chinese Details):

2. IndexSearchService

  1. How to use Elasticsearch.
  2. How to use Solr or Lucene to index and query data.
  3. How to use Lucene to index and query POI(GEO data). ##### 中文详情(Chinese Details):
  4. Lucene index and query POI data
  5. Solr index and query MYSQL data
  6. Solr index and query GEO data
  7. Elasticsearch index and query data
  8. SQL to Elasticsearch Java Code

3. MapHttpService

A simple Http Map Service providing tile image for Map.

4. WebGisDemo

A simple web GIS page based on leaflet.

中文详情(Chinese Details)

How to use WebGisDemo with MapHttpService: 1. Download map tile image with MapDownloader 2. Start MapHttpService with right data source, an example:

database.type=0 # Use SQLite
database.sqlite.path=E:\GIS\MapDownloader\MapCache\TileDBv5\en\Data.gmdb 3. Start WebGISDemo: http://localhost:9090/map/map


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