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Universal data structure and converter for API formats (Swagger, RAML, Paw, Postman…)

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A flow written in ES6 using Immutable to convert between API description formats (Swagger, etc.) and other programs such as cURL command lines.

What formats are supported and what will be in the future

We currently support: -

Swagger v2.0 (in/out)
RAML v1.0 (in/out)
Postman Collection v2.0 (in/out)
Paw v3.1 (in/out)

We intend to support: -

Swagger v3.0
RAML v0.8
Postman Collection v1.0
Postman Dump v1.0
Insomnia v3.0
- and many more.


from a cloned repository

just run

git clone
cd API-Flow
make install

This will install the node module dependencies

Building the different libraries

node, web, and webworker

run the following command to build API-Flow for the different environments that you need

# use TARGET="node" if you only want the node library
make runners TARGET="node web webworker"


You can use the following command to add the different extensions to Paw

# use TARGET="swagger" if you only want the swagger bindings
make transfer TARGET="swagger raml1 postman2"

Using the npm module

as a standard library

const ApiFlow = require('api-flow'); // if from npm
const ApiFlow = require('./dist/node/api-flow.js'); // if from `make runners TARGET="node"`

const options = { source: { format: 'swagger', version: 'v2.0' }, target: { format: 'raml', version: 'v1.0' } }

const promise = ApiFlow.transform({ options, uri: path.resolve(__dirname, './my_super_swagger.yml') })

promise.then((data) => { // do some cool stuff with the data })

Using as a CLI (coming soon)

node ./bin/api-flow.js some_swagger.json -f swagger -t raml > converted.yml

User Interface

API-Flow is one of the main components of Console.REST. If you're an API user, you can easily use to convert API description files. If you're an API provider, you can add a button to your API docs to let your users open and play with your API in client apps including Paw or Postman.


PRs are welcomed! Our sole requirement is that organizations that want to extend API-Flow to support their format write both a parser and a serializer, and not simply a serializer.


You can find more information about the internal structure of API-Flow in src. We've also created a set of templates to help speed up the extension process: loader, parser, and environment


This repository is released under the MIT License. Feel free to fork, and modify! Copyright © 2016 Paw Inc.


See Contributors.

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