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Lucene++ is an up to date C++ port of the popular Java Lucene library, a high-performance, full-featured text search engine.

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Welcome to lucene++ version 3.0.8.

Lucene++ is a C++ port of the popular Java Lucene library, a high-performance, full-featured text search engine.

Lucene++ Components

  • liblucene++ library
  • liblucene++-contrib library
  • lucene++-tester (unit tester)
  • deletefiles (demo)
  • indexfiles (demo)
  • searchfiles (demo)

For information on building the Lucene++ suite, please read doc/

Useful Resources

Official Java Lucene - useful links and documentation relevant to Lucene and lucene++. Lucene in Action by Otis Gospodnetic and Erik Hatcher.

To run unit test suite

lucene_tester is built using the Google Testing Framework. you can run the test suite on unix with the following command run from the repository root::

    $ build/src/test/lucene++-tester

the test suite can also be run from the repository root on NT systems, but the required DLL files must manually be copied into the test binary path before executing, otherwise you will recieve errors telling you that required libraries cannot be found.

    $ build/src/test/lucene++-tester

Command options can be discovered by supplying


To run the demos

Start by indexing a directory of files - open a command prompt and run

Once the indexer has finished, you can query the index using searchfiles
    ./searchfiles -index 
This uses an interactive command for you to enter queries, type a query to search the index press enter and you'll see the results.


  • Ben van Klinken and contributors to the CLucene project for inspiring this project.
  • md5 Copyright (C) 1999, 2000, 2002 Aladdin Enterprises
  • `Unicode character properties (guniprop)[] Copyright (C) 1999 Tom Tromey, Copyright (C) 2000 Red Hat, Inc.
  • `Cotire (compile time reducer)[] by Sascha Kratky.

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