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neat package system written in C

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npk - neat package system [en:pack]

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  • Copyright (c) 2009-2013 Park Hyun-woo([email protected])
  • Distributed under MIT license. (see LICENSE for detail)

Why files should be packed?

  • Open multiple files vs Open only one file.
    • If you want to open multiple files in your application, kernel should traverse FAT(file allocation tables). It needs lots of time - sometimes even longer than load files into memory. npk has its own list of files and also supports hash table for large packages. Yes, npk is a small logical file system itself.
  • Encryption and Compression
    • tar can archive files into a package. But it needs gzip or something to compress files. npk embeds xxtea encyption and zlib compression for convenience. You can just read / write files via npk API, no concern.

What is npk?

'npk' is a file package system, called 'en-pack'.

  • Support file compression(zlib) and encryption(xxtea).
  • Support most modern operating systems.

npk consists of below items.

  • libnpk : ANSI C API based on POSIX.
  • npk : Command-line interface tool for npk-formatted files.
  • binding
    • pynpk : Python extension
    • objnpk : Objective-c extension
    • jvnpk : JNI binding
      • (will be available soon)


  • See

Or, if you're on OS X and using homebrew then,

$ brew tap lqez/npk
$ brew install npk


  • project homepage :
  • issues :
  • developer : [email protected]


Distributed under MIT/X license. See LICENSE file.

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