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A header-only library for C++(0x) that allows automagic pretty-printing of any container.

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A pretty printing library for C++ containers.

Synopsis: Simply by including this header-only library in your source file, you can say "std::cout << x" for any container object x. Sensible defaults are provided, but the behaviour (i.e. the delimiters) are compile-time customizable to a great extent via partial specializiation.

Usage: Just add "#include "prettyprint.hpp" to your source file and make sure that prettyprint.hpp is findable.

Language requirements: C++0x for prettyprint.hpp, C++98/03 for prettyprint98.hpp

Example: Some usage examples are provided by ppdemo.cpp.

Using GCC, compile with g++ -W -Wall -pedantic -O2 -s ppdemo.cpp -o ppdemo -std=c++0x g++ -W -Wall -pedantic -O2 -s ppdemo98.cpp -o ppdemo98

For the C++98/03-version, define "NO_TR1" to prevent any inclusion of TR1 headers and to disable std::tr1::tuple support.

For details, please see the website (

License: Boost Software License, Version 1.0. See

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