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😎 a powful shadowsocks client for deepin

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Shadowsocks for Deepin

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Shadowsocks-deepin is a powerful shadowsocks client for linux deepin.

Advantages compared to Shadowsocks-Qt5

|Software|Agent Mode|Accessibility| |:-:|:-:|:-:| |Shadowsocks-Qt5|only support global mode|need to manually configure system proxy or use Chrome extension| |Shadowsocks-Deepin|both global mode and pac mode supported|no extra configuration required


Shadowsocks-deepin is ready to use right out of box, as long as the right server configration was added and proper proxy mode selected, it should works well. no extra system proxy configuration required, the software will done this for you. Any problems encounted during the use, please feel free to propose issues to help us improve this project.

You can also try to package the source code yourself. The packing method is given below:

sudo apt update # update source
sudo apt install git dh-make cmake fakeroot qtcreator-dde qttools5-dev g++ -y #install dependencies
mkdir shadowsocks && cd shadowsocks # create shadowsocks folder and switch to this path
git clone [email protected]:loliMay/shadowsocks-deepin.git # clone shadowsocks-deepin repo
mv shadowsocks-deepin shadowsocks-deepin-1.2.2 #rename
tar -zcvf shadowsocks-deepin-1.2.2.tar.gz shadowsocks-deepin-1.2.2 # package to *.tar.gz
cd shadowsocks-deepin-1.2.2 # switch to the project root directory
dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -b # package

Right click and select

opens in the file manager
, the
file will appear in the

Terminal Proxy

Terminal cannot access target url through shadowsocks proxy by default either appling global mode or pac mode. Proxychains is a tool that forces any TCP connection to follow through shadowsocks proxy. Follow below steps and make any terminal commands access network through shadowsocks proxy: 1.

sudo apt install proxychains -y # insall proxychains
echo -e "[ProxyList]\nsocks5 1080" | tee ~/.proxychains/proxychains.conf # configration
3. Prefix
for any commands which you want it to access network through proxy.


npm install chalk # no proxy
proxychains npm install chalk # using socks5 proxy via proxychains
proxychains git clone [email protected]:lolimay/shadowsocks-deepin.git # using proxy


You can make contributions by participating in development. Start with the following steps:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install qt5-default qttools5-dev-tools qt5-qmake g++ qtcreator qttools5-dev -y
sudo apt install libdtkbase-dev libdtkwidget-dev -y
sudo apt install libdframeworkdbus-dev -y
sudo apt install libqrencode-dev libzbar-dev -y
sudo apt install libdtkcore-dev libdtkwidget-dev libdtkwm-dev libdtkcore-bin -y
sudo apt install libdtksettings-dev libdtksettingsview-dev -y
sudo apt install libqtshadowsocks-dev -y
sudo apt install dh-make fakeroot -y
cd shadowsocks-deepin
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
make -j4
cd src

Update Logs

1.2.2 Fixes #9, complete chinese localization for main interface, change the traffic icon to shadowsocks-windows style.

1.2.1 Fixes the bug that the pac mode cannot be used due to the invalidation of the original pac file online address. The latest pac file address is

1.2.0 The main functions are almost all implemented.

About this project

The initiator of this project is @PikachuHy. Remember that without his hard work, we cannot use shadowsocks which is almost the same experience as it on windows. After the version 1.2.2, this project was maintained by @LoliMay.


Shadowsocks-deepin is under GPLv3 licence.

Appreciation to the following open source projects:


| Name | License | | ---------------------- | -------------- | | Deepin Tool Kit Core | GPLv3 | | Deepin Tool Kit Widget | GPLv3 | | Botan | Simplified BSD | | libQtShadowsocks | LGPLv3 | | ZBar | LGPLv2.1 | | libqrencode | LGPLv2.1 |

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