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cerebro is an open source(MIT License) elasticsearch web admin tool built using Scala, Play Framework, AngularJS and Bootstrap.


cerebro needs Java 11 or newer to run.


Chocolatey (Windows)

You can install

using Chocolatey:
choco install cerebro-es

Package creates windows service

. Access on http://localhost:9000


You can find the official docker images in the official docker hub repo.

Visit cerebro-docker for further information.


HTTP server address and port

You can run cerebro listening on a different host and port(defaults to

bin/cerebro -Dhttp.port=1234 -Dhttp.address=

LDAP config

LDAP can be configured using environment variables. If you typically run cerebro using docker, you can pass a file with all the env vars. The file would look like:

# Set it to ldap to activate ldap authorization

Your ldap url



Usually method should be "simple" otherwise, set it to the SASL mechanisms


user-template executes a string.format() operation where

username is passed in first, followed by base-dn. Some examples

- %s => leave user untouched

- %[email protected] => append "" to username

- uid=%s,%s => usual case of OpenLDAP

LDAP_USER_TEMPLATE=%[email protected]

User identifier that can perform searches

[email protected] LDAP_BIND_PWD=adminpass

Group membership settings (optional)

If left unset LDAP_BASE_DN will be used


Attribute that represent the user, for example uid or mail


If left unset LDAP_USER_TEMPLATE will be used


Filter that tests membership of the group. If this property is empty then there is no group membership check

AD example => memberOf=CN=mygroup,ou=ouofthegroup,DC=domain,DC=com

OpenLDAP example => CN=mygroup


You can the pass this file as argument using:

 docker run -p 9000:9000 --env-file env-ldap  lmenezes/cerebro

There are some examples of configuration in the examples folder.

Other settings

Other settings are exposed through the conf/application.conf file found on the application directory.

It is also possible to use an alternate configuration file defined on a different location:

bin/cerebro -Dconfig.file=/some/other/dir/alternate.conf

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