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Koa 2.7 boilerplate for a production-ready Node.js app with async/await.

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Koa "boilerplate" for a production ready app, demonstrating the following features:

  • Socket.io
  • IP pinning, via socketio-sticky-session (supports reverse proxies)
  • Multi-process clustering
  • ETags and conditional get
  • Gzip compression
  • Signed, cookie-based sessions
  • Request logging (morgan)
  • Static file serving
  • Favicon middleware
  • HTTP/2 (with TLS and on-the-fly certificate generation)
  • Drop root privileges after acquiring port
  • Routing
  • Example async route
  • ejs template example
  • Marko template example (featuring async and streaming support)
  • html-template-tag ES6 Tagged Template example, for compiling HTML template strings.
  • Aphrodite support for colocating your styles with your JavaScript component. Note: Styletron is probably a better choice, I just haven't had time to add it here yet
  • ~~Both old Koa 1.0 and new 2.0 style middleware. koa-adapter / koa-adapter-bluebird to convert old 1.0 middleware to 2.0.~~ Adapter no longer needed. All middleware is Koa 2.0 compatible.

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