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This is the official code repository for NumNet+(

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This is the official code repository for NumNet+ ( and NumNet+ v2 ( NumNet ( was used as a basis for our work.


If you use the code, please cite the following paper:

  title={{NumNet}: Machine Reading Comprehension with Numerical Reasoning},
  author={Ran, Qiu and Lin, Yankai and Li, Peng and Zhou, Jie and Liu, Zhiyuan},
  booktitle={Proceedings of EMNLP},


pip install -r requirements.txt


Data and pretrained roberta-large preparation.

  • Download drop data.

wget -O

  • Download roberta model.

cd drop_dataset && mkdir roberta.large && cd roberta.large

wget -O pytorch_model.bin
  • Download roberta config file.

wget -O config.json
- Modify
"output_hidden_states": false
"output_hidden_states": true
  • Download roberta vocab files.

wget -O vocab.json

wget -O merges.txt


  • Train with simple multi-span extraction (NumNet+).

    sh 345 5e-4 1.5e-5 5e-5 0.01
  • Train with tag based multi-span extraction (NumNet+ v2, tag based multi-span paper:, github:

    sh 345 5e-4 1.5e-5 5e-5 0.01 tag_mspan


  • Save your model as

    • Simple multi-span extraction (NumNet+).

      sh drop_dataset/drop_dataset_dev.json prediction.json
    • Tag based multi-span extraction (NumNet+ v2).

      sh drop_dataset/drop_dataset_dev.json prediction.json tag_mspan

    python --gold_path drop_dataset/drop_dataset_dev.json --prediction_path prediction.json

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