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Docker Manager interface for LuCI

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Docker Manager for LuCI / 适用于 LuCI 的 Docker 管理插件

Depends / 依赖

  • luci-lib-docker
  • docker-ce (optional, since you can use it as a docker client)
  • luci-lib-jsonc
  • ttyd (optional, use for container console)

Compile / 编译

#compile package only
make package/luci-lib-docker/compile v=99
make package/luci-app-dockerman/compile v=99

#compile make menuconfig #choose Utilities ---> docker-ce....................................... Docker Community Edition #choose Kernel features for Docker which you want #choose LuCI ---> 3. Applications ---> luci-app-dockerman..... Docker Manager interface for LuCI ----> save make V=99

Screenshot / 截图

  • Containers
  • Container Info
  • Container Edit
  • Container Stats
  • Container Logs
  • New Container
  • Images
  • Networks
  • New Network

Thanks / 谢致

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