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Disk Manager for LuCI

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99 commits


GitHub release (latest by date) GitHub stars GitHub forks License Telegram Group - A Simple Disk Manager for LuCI, support disk partition and format, support raid / btrfs-raid / btrfs-snapshot - 一个简单的磁盘管理 LuCI 插件,支持磁盘分区、格式化,支持 RAID / btrfs-raid / btrfs-快照管理 - Download / 下载 ipk

Depends / 依赖

  • parted
  • blkid
  • smartmontools
  • e2fsprogs
  • btrfs-progs (Optional)
  • lsblk (Optional)
  • mdadm (Optional)
    • kmod-md-raid456 (Optional)
    • kmod-md-linear (Optional)

Compile / 编译

mkdir -p package/luci-app-diskman && \
wget -O package/luci-app-diskman/Makefile
mkdir -p package/parted && \
wget -O package/parted/Makefile

#compile package only make package/luci-app-diskman/compile V=99

#compile make menuconfig #choose LuCI ---> 3. Applications ---> luci-app-diskman..... Disk Manager interface for LuCI ----> save make V=99

Screenshot / 截图

  • Disk Info
  • Partitions Info

Thanks / 谢致

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