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Class-dump any Mach-o file without extracting it from dyld_shared_cache

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Major update

As of February 5 2016, I have added cycript integration.

You can now dlopen /usr/lib/libclassdumpdyld.dylib in cycript after injecting any application,

and dlsym the dumpClass and dumpBundle functions.

extern "C" NSString * dumpClass(Class *aClass);

extern "C" NSString * dumpBundle(NSBundle *aBundle);

extern "C" NSString * dumpBundleForClass(Class *aClass);

This is extremely useful in cases when classdump-dyld cannot inject and dump applications.

(This makes weak_classdump project obsolete)

A typical usage in cycript would be:

#cycript -p SpringBoard

@import net.limneos.classdumpdyld;

classdumpdyld.dumpClass(SpringBoard); @"Wrote file /tmp/SpringBoard.h"

classdumpdyld.dumpBundle([NSBundle mainBundle]); @"Wrote all headers to /tmp/SpringBoard"

// Dump any bundle other than the main bundle classdumpdyld.dumpBundle([NSBundle bundleWithIdentifier:@""]); @"Wrote all headers to /tmp/UIKit"

// Dump any image loaded in the process using any class name it contains classdumpdyld.dumpBundleForClass(CallBarControllerModern); @"Wrote all headers to /tmp/CallBar7"

General Info

Added 64bit executables dumping and single class dumping

A class dumping command line tool that generates header files from app binaries, libraries, frameworks, bundles or the whole dyldsharedcache.

Eliminates the need to extract files from the dyldsharedcache in order to class-dump them or get symbols.

Mass-dumps whole dyldsharedcache or directories containing any mach-o file recursively.

You can instantly classdump any compatible Mach-o file, either if it is physically stored on disk or it resides in the dyldsharedcache.

Features and options:

  • Classdump files that appear malformed to the usual tools on device.
  • Classdump files or frameworks on runtime without extracting them from dyldsharedcache.
  • Classdump files that reside on disk as usual
  • Recursively search for compatible files and dump them (e.g. whole directory of "/System/Library", "/Applications" or "/" )
  • Recursively dump all the images stored in dyldsharedcache
  • Generate symbols list for files that are stored in dyldsharedcache without extracting them.
  • Generation of all structs, symbols and necessary #imports to correctly fill up each header file. (I pray for that)

You can find a recursive sample output on this project under iphoneheaders. It also works on a Mac for dyldsharedcache and some libraries

Usage: classdump-dyld [] 

   classdump-dyld [<options>] -r <sourcepath>


    -g   Generate symbol names 
    -h   Add a \"Headers\" directory to place headers in
    -b   Build original directory structure in output dir
    -u   Do not include framework when importing headers ("Header.h" instead of <frameworkname>)

    -o   <outputdir> Save generated headers to defined path

Single Class:
    -j   <classname> Dump only the specified class name. (Does not work with -c or -r )
                This might also dump additional imported or required headers.

Mass dumping: (requires -o)
    -c   Dump all images found in dyld_shared_cache 
    -r   <sourcepath> Recursively dump any compatible Mach-O file found in the given path (requires -o) 
    -s   In a recursive dump, skip header files already found in the same output directory 

    -D   Enable debug printing for troubleshooting errors
    -e   dpopen 32Bit executables instead of injecting them (iOS 5+, use if defaults fail.This will skip any 64bit executable) 
    -a   In a recursive dump, include 'Applications' directories (skipped by default)
    Example 1: classdump-dyld -o outdir /System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework
    Example 2: classdump-dyld -o outdir /usr/libexec/backboardd
    Example 3 (recursive): classdump-dyld -o outdir -c  (Dumps all files residing in dyld_shared_cache)
    Example 4 (recursive): classdump-dyld -o outdir -r /Applications
    Example 5 (recursive): classdump-dyld -o outdir -r / -c  (Mass-dumps almost everything on device)

Usage limitations

classdump-dyld works with Mach-o files only. Some files have protection against being dynamically loaded from a different process. In those cases, you can use weak_classdump or other tools.

by Elias Limneos


twitter: @limneos


classdump-dyld is Copyright (c) 2013-2016 Elias Limneos, licensed under GPLv3.


classdump-dyld works in a command line shell on any iOS 5+ device and Mac OS X. Tested from iOS 5.x to iOS 8.x and Mac OSX 10.8+.

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