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Implementation of Transformer Model in Tensorflow

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Implementation of the Transformer model in the paper:

Ashish Vaswani, et al. "Attention is all you need." NIPS 2017.

Transformer model

Check my blog post on attention and transformer: * Attention? Attention!

Implementations that helped me: * * *


$ git clone
$ cd transformer-tensorflow
$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Train a Model

# Check the help message:

$ python --help

Usage: [OPTIONS]

Options: --seq-len INTEGER Input sequence length. [default: 20] --d-model INTEGER d_model [default: 512] --d-ff INTEGER d_ff [default: 2048] --n-head INTEGER n_head [default: 8] --batch-size INTEGER Batch size [default: 128] --max-steps INTEGER Max train steps. [default: 300000] --dataset [iwslt15|wmt14|wmt15] Which translation dataset to use. [default: iwslt15] --help Show this message and exit.

Train a model on dataset WMT14:

$ python --dataset wmt14

Evaluate a Trained Model

Let's say, the model is saved in folder

$ python transformer-wmt14-seq20-d512-head8-1541573730

With the default config, this implementation gets BLEU ~ 20 on wmt14 test set.

Implementation Notes

[WIP] A couple of tricking points in the implementation.

  • How to construct the mask correctly?
  • How to correctly shift decoder input (as training input) and decoder target (as ground truth in the loss function)?
  • How to make the prediction in an autoregressive way?
  • Keeping the embedding of
     as a constant zero vector is sorta important.

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