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Fast and reliable Elixir client for StatsD-compatible servers

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Statix is an Elixir client for StatsD-compatible servers. It is focused on speed without sacrificing simplicity, completeness, or correctness.

What makes Statix the fastest library around:

  • direct sending to socket [1]
  • caching of the UDP packet header
  • connection pooling to distribute the metric sending
  • diligent usage of IO lists

[1] In contrast with process-based clients, Statix has lower memory consumption and higher throughput – Statix v1.0.0 does about 876640 counter increments per flush:


It is possible to measure that yourself.

```elixir for _ for _

See the documentation for detailed usage information.


Add Statix as a dependency to your

defp deps() do
  [{:statix, ">= 0.0.0"}]

Then run

mix deps.get
in your shell to fetch the dependencies.


This software is licensed under the ISC license.

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