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Lessy is a time manager application built upon strong principles. It is designed to be as intuitive and inclusive as possible. Its goal is to help people to recover their power to manage time, instil self-confidence and challenge their capacity to question themselves. It is built by a diverse and welcoming community.

Every feature we develop, every discussion we have, every decision we make MUST support this vision.

We want Lessy to be very different of other "project managers" or "todo-list applications".

Compared to Todoist, Trello, Wunderlist and all similar commercial applications, Lessy is built by a non-commercial community. It means that all decisions are made by users for the users. Money never appears in this equation!

Lessy is not only different from a commercial point of view, it is also different compared to the vast majority of other free softwares. Indeed, by making our goal explicit, we try to solve a specific problem. It means we cannot accept contributions that doesn't match the vision we have of the project.

Our bet is that will make Lessy better over the long-term.

More specifically, Lessy will help you:

  • To collect ideas you have in mind.
  • To organize these ideas in projects and/or tasks depending on their complexity.
  • To identify what's important to do at the present moment.

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Getting started

If you simply want to start to use Lessy, just go to and create an account.

If you want to give feedback or report a bug and you are not at ease with GitHub, you can start by joining us on Framateam. The chat is not very active yet but feel free to leave a message and we'll try to welcome you as well as possible.

If you already have a GitHub account, you can directly create an "issue" on our bugtracker.

You might be interested to know what will be next big features of Lessy. We do not maintain any official roadmap. However, we are using small iterations to plan future work. An iteration is represented by a GitHub milestone and it groups a set of related features or technical issues. Have a look to current milestones. Note that iterations are named after constellations' name to remind us to look at the stars sometimes.

Also, the work being done is tracked on our "Current work" project board.

If you're an advanced user, you may prefer to host Lessy on your own server. That's the preferred option if you care about your data and we're totally OK with it. That's the reason we try to maintain documentation to install Lessy in production up-to-date.


Community is so important to us that it appears in our vision (detailed in introduction of this document). Community is part of Lessy. We cannot make a useful and used application without the implication of people that are different from us. We want to work as a diverse and inclusive community.

Contribution to the project is opened to everyone as long as our vision makes sense to you. You can start by reading our contribution guide. Our ground rules are detailed in our code of conduct, we strongly encourage you to read it.

Also, all contributors are listed in our contributors file, it can be interested to better know who you might be working with if you join us! This file is also a way to thanks every person that took of their time to contribute in a way or another.


Lessy is distributed under MIT license. It is free (as in free speech) and always will be!


Lessy would definitely not be the same without these different projects:

Also, our documentation received a lot of attention and we send special thanks to the Open Source Guides project (by GitHub) that gives great advices to build free software communities. And more specifically, we used following resources:

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