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Larasniffer detect violations of a defined coding standard. It helps your code remains clean and con...

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LaraSniffer (Laravel Package)

Detect violations of a defined coding standard. It helps your code remains clean and consistent. Available options are: PSR2, PSR1, Zend, PEAR, Squiz, PHPCS and MySource.

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php artisan sniff

Quick start

Required setup

In the

key of
file add the following
"leroy-merlin-br/larasniffer": "dev-master"

Run the Composer update comand

$ composer update

In your

to the end of the
'providers' => array(



Publish the configuration file:

php artisan config:publish leroy-merlin-br/larasniffer

Edit the configuration file

to tweak the sniffer behavior.


php artisan sniff


New contributions are always welcomed. Just open a pull request making sure that it contains tests and doc updates. Please check if the Travis-CI build is alright too.

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LaraSniffer is free software distributed under the terms of the MIT license

Aditional information

Any issues, please report here

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