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Adds custom CSS support to Discord.

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Simple Python script that adds CSS hot-reload to Discord.

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I wanted custom CSS injection for Discord, with no JavaScript add-ons or anything. That's BeautifulDiscord.

If you want JS, you can either: - Use BetterDiscord - Make your own thing!

You could also fork this repo and add it, it's not that big of a stretch. I just didn't add it because it's not what I want to do here.


Just invoke the script when installed. If you don't pass the

flag, the stylesheet will be placed wherever the Discord app resources are found, which is not a very convenient location.

NOTE: Discord has to be running for this to work in first place. The script works by scanning the active processes and looking for the Discord ones.

(yes, this also means you can fool the program into trying to apply this to some random program named Discord)

$ beautifuldiscord --css C:\mystuff\myown.css
0: Found DiscordPTB.exe
1: Found DiscordCanary.exe
Discord executable to use (number): 1


You may now edit your C:\mystuff\myown.css file, which will be reloaded whenever it's saved.

Relaunching Discord now... $

Pass the

flag to restore Discord to its initial state. You can also do this manually if your Discord install gets screwed up, by first locating where Discord stores its resources:
  • On Windows, it's
  • On OSX, it's
    ~/Library/Application Support/discord[ptb,canary]//modules/discord_desktop_core
  • On Linux, it's


means it's required,
means it's optional)

In that folder, there should be four files, with

being the interesting ones. You should then remove the existing
and rename
$ beautifuldiscord --revert
0: Found DiscordPTB.exe
1: Found DiscordCanary.exe
Discord executable to use (number): 1
Reverted changes, no more CSS hot-reload :(

You can also run it as a package - i.e.

python3 -m beautifuldiscord
- if somehow you cannot install it as a script that you can run from anywhere.


python3 -m pip install -U

Usage of a virtual environment is recommended, to not pollute your global package space.


  • Python 3.x (no interest in compatibility with 2.x, untested on Python 3.x versions below 3.4)
  • psutil


should install any required dependencies.

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