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Pixiv Omina is a software for downloading artworks and comics from Pixiv and Pixiv Comic

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Pixiv Omina

Pixiv Omina is a software to download works on Pixiv. It's simple and easy to use. It's even better if you are a Pixiv Toolkit user, you can use click-to-download feature.

Pixiv Omina is powered by Electron.


Test on Window 10(1903). In theory, it can run on Mac and Linux if you can compile it.


  • Easy UI
  • Generate gif for ugoira work automatically and pack frame information to zip file
  • Download user works (input the user profile url to the download dialog)
  • Auto rename using the rename settings
  • Restore downloads after application restart
  • Skip downloaded works, so it can download works incrementally
  • Click-to-Download (You need install Pixiv Toolkit in your browser)
  • Check new version automatically (No auto-update, I think auto-update could be annoying sometimes)
  • Close to tray (You need to enable this feature at setting page)
  • Support http/socks proxy (If you use socks proxy you need input proxy url with schemel)


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Q & A ❓

Q: Why I can't use it?

A: If you can't visit Pixiv or you don't have a Pixiv account you can't use this.

Q: Why is the completed task missing when I restart the application?

A: Application will remove completed downloads task after restarted.

Q: How to download more than 2 works at the same time?

A: No, you can't for now, because generate gif is a pretty heavy task. Maybe I'll add a setting to control how many download tasks can be performed at the same time.

Known Issues🤔

  • DO NOT add too many downloads! I have not tested the downloads limitation, too many downloads may crash the application. It's easy to add large number download tasks by downloading user works(input the user profile url to the download dialog), so be really careful to use this feature like download multiple users works at same time (Some of the users have thousands works, It's nuts!).

  • The installation will not register the custom protocol on Window 10 sometimes. If you find the Pixiv Toolkit's "Pixiv Omina" button does nothing, you can try

    's solution in comment from issue

Feel free to open issue if you meet any problem or have any idea😀


Download by input the work url




Some settings



Install dependencies


Development Scripts

# run application in development mode
yarn dev

compile source code and create webpack output

yarn compile

yarn compile & create build with electron-builder

yarn dist

yarn compile & create unpacked build with electron-builder

yarn dist:dir

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