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An open and maintained a list of realtime web technologies.

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Realtime Web Technology Guide

The purpose of this repository is to open up the Realtime Web Technologies Guide to easier contribution by others. It may eventually supercede that list.


In order to keep the list fair and each entry should follow some conventions and a set format. Additional information about individual technologies can then be created in a

directory. The structure and conventions of vendor-specific information should still be consistent to ensure the guide maintains a standard feel.

Roadmap / TODO

The current list is within '/` and is a copy/paste of the HTML contents of the original online guide. The final guide should contain as little, if any, HTML as possible.

  1. Convert the existing guide into mainly Markdown
  2. In doing 1. so create the structure for each entry and conventions that are to be followed
  3. Create an example
    guide. This should probably go in this README

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