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Python library to generate HTML or XML in a readable, concise and pythonic way.

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Why use a template engine when you can generate HTML or XML documents with Python in a very readable way?

( full tutorial on yattag.org_ )

Basic example

Nested html tags, no need to close tags.

.. code:: python

from yattag import Doc

doc, tag, text = Doc().tagtext()

with tag('html'): with tag('body', id = 'hello'): with tag('h1'): text('Hello world!')


Html form rendering

Yattag can fill your HTML forms with default values and error messages. Pass a

dictionnary of default values, and an
dictionnary of error messages to the
constructor. Then, use the special
methods when generating your documents.

Example with default values ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

.. code:: python

from yattag import Doc

doc, tag, text = Doc( defaults = {'ingredient': ['chocolate', 'coffee']} ).tagtext()

with tag('form', action = ""): with tag('label'): text("Select one or more ingredients") with = 'ingredient', multiple = "multiple"): for value, description in ( ("chocolate", "Dark chocolate"), ("almonds", "Roasted almonds"), ("honey", "Acacia honey"), ("coffee", "Ethiopian coffee") ): with doc.option(value = value): text(description) doc.stag('input', type = "submit", value = "Validate")


Example with default values and errors ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

.. code:: python

from yattag import Doc

doc, tag, text = Doc( defaults = { 'title': 'Untitled', 'contact_message': 'You just won the lottery!' }, errors = { 'contact_message': 'Your message looks like spam.' } ).tagtext()

with tag('h1'): text('Contact form') with tag('form', action = ""): doc.input(name = 'title', type = 'text') with doc.textarea(name = 'contact_message'): pass doc.stag('input', type = 'submit', value = 'Send my message')


Full tutorial on yattag.org_

GitHub repo:


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