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simplifies data passing to and from gopher-lua

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gopher-luar GoDoc

gopher-luar simplifies data passing to and from gopher-lua.

Example usage:

package luar_test

import ( "fmt"



type User struct { Name string token string }

func (u *User) SetToken(t string) { u.token = t }

func (u *User) Token() string { return u.token }

const script = print("Hello from Lua, " .. u.Name .. "!") u:SetToken("12345")

func Example_basic() { L := lua.NewState() defer L.Close()

u := &User{
    Name: "Tim",
L.SetGlobal("u", luar.New(L, u))
if err := L.DoString(script); err != nil {

fmt.Println("Lua set your token to:", u.Token())
// Output:
// Hello from Lua, Tim!
// Lua set your token to: 12345



MPL 2.0


Tim Cooper ([email protected])

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