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🚀 Create React App TypeScript Todo Example 2020

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What's this?

This is a Create React App based React + TypeScript todo app example. 👉 Deployed App
TypeScript coming from babel, set upped at Create React App install option. Adding TypeScript Doc 📝



🔧 Prerequisites

  • The app assumed installed
    newer than
    10.16.3 LTS
    (recommend newer than v14.8.0). If you have not it yet, follow the official Node.js Doc to install it.

And then

git clone [email protected]:laststance/create-react-app-typescript-todo-example-2020.git
cd create-react-app-typescript-todo-example-2020
yarn install # or npm install
yarn start # or npm run start

Finally Edit Code 😎

👩‍💻 Usage

yarn start

After that you'll seen the console which are server processes messages.
Let's follow the message and put in URL

your browsers adressbar,
and then you'll got todo app as same as Demo. let's modify under the
code feel free!!

Official Docs:

yarn build

After that You'll get bundled and optimization stuff in

Also you can run production build with
local webserver modules.
yarn global add serve
serve -s build

Official Docs:

yarn lint

ESLint is at the top. And setup TypeScript ESLint, integrating Prettier as a eslint-plugin-prettier.

yarn lint:fix

run wtih eslint --fix option.

yarn typecheck

While developing and building, Babel stop transpile with TS error messages. I can't find way static typecheck with babel, so I'm using original TypeScript via npm and specified

tsc --noEmit
compile option that doesn't generate compiled code.

yarn test

Jest is all-in-one test-runner built in Create React App and covers function-level unit testing to component-behavior-level integration testing. The Repo use to react-testing-library for component integration testing.

yarn cypress:open

Cypress is all-in-one E2E Testing tool which can deal testing on real browser.
This command using Electron by Cypress default.

yarn cypress:open
yarn start
yarn start # Launch DevServer
yarn cypress:open


yarn cypress:run

Run Cypress with Electron.
That's same as run all test on cypress GUI after run

yarn cypress:open
yarn start # Launch DevServer
yarn cypress:run

yarn cypress:run:leadless

Run Cypress with headless Electron.
That mean this command complete all on a terminal without GUI.

yarn start # Launch DevServer
yarn cypress:run:headless

🗒 Note

This is not a Best Practice introduction.
There are tons of effective way to create solid software in JavaScript World, you have a lot of other option based on your preference for approaching where, The Repo is just a style of my favorite.

"How to combining TypeScript with massive Babel or JavaScript tools ecosystem?"

I hope this helps you know like that from what I've Published!

How the project was bootstrapped?

1. Execute command for scaffold Create React App's TypeScript Templete.

npx create-react-app create-react-app-typescript-todo-example-2020 --template typescript


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Thanks goes to these wonderful people (emoji key):


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Will Roscoe


Peng Fei


Alex Panchuk


Burhan Mullamitha


This project follows the all-contributors specification. Contributions of any kind welcome!

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