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What is this?

theHarvester is a very simple to use, yet powerful and effective tool designed to be used in the early stages of a
penetration test or red team engagement. Use it for open source intelligence (OSINT) gathering to help determine a
company's external threat landscape on the internet. The tool gathers emails, names, subdomains, IPs and URLs using
multiple public data sources that include:


  • baidu: Baidu search engine -

  • bing: Microsoft search engine -

  • bingapi: Microsoft search engine, through the API (Requires an API key, see below.)

  • bufferoverun: Uses data from Rapid7's Project Sonar -

  • censys: Censys search engine, will use certificates searches to enumerate subdomains (Requires an API key, see below.) -

  • certspotter: Cert Spotter monitors Certificate Transparency logs -

  • crtsh: Comodo Certificate search -

  • dnsdumpster: DNSdumpster search engine -

  • duckduckgo: DuckDuckGo search engine -

  • exalead: a Meta search engine -

  • github-code: GitHub code search engine (Requires a GitHub Personal Access Token, see below.) -

  • google: Google search engine (Optional Google dorking.) -

  • hackertarget: Online vulnerability scanners and network intelligence to help organizations -

  • hunter: Hunter search engine (Requires an API key, see below.) -

  • intelx: Intelx search engine (Requires an API key, see below.) -

  • linkedin: Google search engine, specific search for LinkedIn users -

  • linkedin_links: specific search for LinkedIn users for target domain

  • netcraft: Internet Security and Data Mining -

  • omnisint: Project Crobat, A Centralised Searchable Open Source Project Sonar DNS Database -

  • otx: AlienVault Open Threat Exchange -

  • pentesttools: Powerful Penetration Testing Tools, Easy to Use (Needs an API key and is not free for API access) -

  • projecdiscovery: We actively collect and maintain internet-wide assets data, to enhance research and analyse changes around DNS for better insights - (Requires an API key)

  • qwant: Qwant search engine -

  • rapiddns: DNS query tool which make querying subdomains or sites of a same IP easy!

  • securityTrails: Security Trails search engine, the world's largest repository of historical DNS data
    (Requires an API key, see below.) -

  • shodan: Shodan search engine, will search for ports and banners from discovered hosts (Requires an API key, see below.) -

  • spyse: Web research tools for professionals (Requires an API key.) -

  • sublist3r: Fast subdomains enumeration tool for penetration testers -

  • threatcrowd: Open source threat intelligence -

  • threatminer: Data mining for threat intelligence -

  • trello: Search trello boards (Uses Google search.)

  • twitter: Twitter accounts related to a specific domain (Uses Google search.)

  • urlscan: A sandbox for the web that is a URL and website scanner -

  • vhost: Bing virtual hosts search

  • virustotal: domain search

  • yahoo: Yahoo search engine


  • DNS brute force: dictionary brute force enumeration
  • Screenshots: Take screenshots of subdomains that were found

Modules that require an API key:

Documentation to setup API keys can be found at -

  • bing
  • github
  • hunter - limited to 10 on the free plan so you will need to do -l 10 switch
  • intelx
  • pentesttools
  • projecdiscovery - invite only for now
  • securityTrails
  • shodan
  • spyse - need to have a paid account be able to use the api now
  • censys

Install and dependencies:

  • Python 3.7+

Comments, bugs and requests:

  • Twitter Follow Christian Martorella @laramies [email protected]
  • Twitter Follow Matthew Brown @NotoriousRebel1
  • Twitter Follow Jay "L1ghtn1ng" Townsend @jay_townsend1

Main contributors:

  • Twitter Follow Matthew Brown @NotoriousRebel1
  • Twitter Follow Jay "L1ghtn1ng" Townsend @jay_townsend1
  • Twitter Follow Lee Baird @discoverscripts
  • LinkedIn Janos Zold


  • John Matherly - Shodan project
  • Ahmed Aboul Ela - subdomain names dictionaries (big and small)

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