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Multi platform CRC library

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Libcrc - Multi platform MIT licensed CRC library in C

Libcrc is a multi platform CRC library which has been under development since 1999. The original version of the source code has been available on www.lammertbies.nl since that time. Recently that code was merged with previously unpublished developments and that library is now available at Github. An online version of the CRC calculation routines is also available at www.lammertbies.nl.

The CRC library with API reference also has a new home at www.libcrc.org. An online version of the API documentation is available on this website.


The original version of the source code available on www.lammertbies.nl had no license attached. The repackaged version on Github is licensed with the MIT license to make the library useful in open and closed source products independent of their licensing scheme.

Differences between versions

It is safe to say that in general you should use the latest stable version of the library available from the releases page. In some circumstances it may be necessary to use an older version or to use the development version instead. The differences between these versions can be found in the Changelog document which is part of the distribution.

Please note that the development version is a snapshot of the ongoing development of the library and that that version may not be stable and reliable enough for production environments.


Since the first version, the source code has been compiled and used on many platforms ranging from 8 bit micro controllers to 64 bit multi core servers. Most platform dependent issues should therefore have been ironed out. Currently the code is developed and maintained mainly in 32 bit and 64 bit environments. New versions of the code are regularly compiled and checked on the systems mentioned in the following lists.

32 bit development environments

|Operating System|Compiler| | :--- | :--- | |Centos 6.8|gcc 4.4.7| |Debian 8.6|gcc 4.9.2| |FreeBSD 10.3|clang 3.4.1| |Raspbian|gcc 4.8| |Windows 7|Visual Studio 2015|

64 bit development environments

|Operating system|Compiler| | :--- | :--- | |Centos 6.8|gcc 4.4.7| |Centos 7.2.1511|gcc 4.8.5| |Debian 8.6|gcc 4.9.2| |FreeBSD 10.3|clang 3.4.1| |OS X El Capitan 10.11.6|Apple LLVM 8.0.0| |Windows 7|Visual Studio 2015|

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