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JSON Schema validator in Swift

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JSON Schema

An implementation of JSON Schema in Swift. Supporting JSON Schema Draft 4, 6 and 7.

JSONSchema.swift does not support remote referencing #9.


JSONSchema can be installed via CocoaPods.

pod 'JSONSchema'


import JSONSchema

JSONSchema.validate(["name": "Eggs", "price": 34.99], schema: [ "type": "object", "properties": [ "name": ["type": "string"], "price": ["type": "number"], ], "required": ["name"], ])

Error handling

Validate returns an enumeration

which contains all validation errors.
print(validate(["price": 34.99], schema: ["required": ["name"]]).errors)
>>> "Required property 'name' is missing."


JSONSchema is licensed under the BSD license. See LICENSE for more info.

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