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A Python module for interacting with Praat TextGrid files. Also includes a class for reading HTK .mlf files into Praat

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Python classes for Praat TextGrid and TextTier files (and HTK .mlf files)

Kyle Gorman [email protected] and contributors (see commit history).

How to cite:

While you don't have to, if you want to cite in a publication, include a footnote link to the source:

How to install:

The code can be placed in your working directory or in your

, and then imported in your Python script. You also can install it via
, like so:
pip install textgrid

(if you're not working in a virtualenv, you may need to do this with



See the docstrings in


This is a simple example of reading a TextGrid file.

import textgrid

Read a TextGrid object from a file.

tg = textgrid.TextGrid.fromFile('test.TextGrid')

Read a IntervalTier object.

print("------- IntervalTier Example -------") print(tg[0]) print(tg[0][0]) print(tg[0][0].minTime) print(tg[0][0].maxTime) print(tg[0][0].mark)

Read a PointTier object.

print("------- PointTier Example -------") print(tg[1]) print(tg[1][0]) print(tg[1][0].time) print(tg[1][0].mark)

The content of the file

is as below: ``` File type = "ooTextFile" Object class = "TextGrid"

xmin = 0 xmax = 1 tiers? size = 2 item []: item [1]: class = "IntervalTier" name = "words" xmin = 0 xmax = 1 intervals: size = 2 intervals [1]: xmin = 0 xmax = 0.5 text = """Is anyone home?""" intervals [2]: xmin = 0.5 xmax = 1 text = "asked ""Pat""" item [2]: class = "TextTier" name = "points" xmin = 0 xmax = 1 points: size = 2 points [1]: number = 0.25 mark = """event""" points [2]: number = 0.75 mark = """event"" with quotes again" ```

The following is the output of the above snippet:

------- IntervalTier Example -------

Interval(0.0, 0.5, "Is anyone home?")
"Is anyone home?"
------- PointTier Example -------

Point(0.25, "event")

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