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A Windows and Linux driver in Python for the NZXT Hue+

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Now with custom LED, audio mode on Windows, turning on and off based on time, and a custom mode builder and a developer library, plus bug fixes!

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A cross-platform driver in Python for the NZXT Hue+. Supports all functionality except FPS, CPU, and GPU lighting.

Custom Windows Profile



There is always an easy exe installer available here:


You must have

installed! To install it system wide, simply install using pip:
sudo pip3 install hue_plus
Now it will be available as
for the GUI.

Quick Start

Each mode accepts different arguments, so it's easiest to just read the usage. Basic usage is shown below.

Set a fixed color on all channels

sudo hue fixed FFFFFF
where FFFFFF is the color in hex.


sudo hue -g 1 fixed FFFFFF
will bring up a color picker to choose a color

Set a specific channel

sudo hue -c 1 fixed FFFFFF
where 1 is channel one and 2 is channel two


All help and usage can be found by running

hue -h

The default now includes the color selector, simply set -g to however many colors you want


No FPS, CPU temp, or GPU temp, but other than that a perfect replica.


Hue_plus can easily be integrated into existing software. The entire codebase is separated into simple functions that separate all usage and can be directly called. The script provides a simple argument wrapper around them, but they are easily usable. I highly suggest you read through the main
file, specifically
to get acquianted with how to use it. Each function is slightly different.


import serial
import hue_plus

ser = serial.Serial(args.port, 256000) hue_plus.fixed(ser, 0, 0, 'FF0000') # First argument is ser, second is whether to bring up GUI (0=no), third is channel (0=both) and last is the color

Common args

Argument name

ser The serial object, created as shown above
gui How many colors to select in the GUI, 0 is none
channel The channel number to use, 1 or 2, 0 is both
color(s) The color(s) to use. If accepts more than 1 color, then in a list (

['FF0000', '00FF00']
speed The speed, from 0 (Slowest) to 4 (Fastest). 2 is normal
size The amount of LEDs to shine, from 0-3, where 0=3, 1=4, 2=5, 3=6
direction Supports going backwards, where backwards=1 and forwards=0. Not supported in marquee or cover_marquee
if alternating looks like it is moving
state For power mode, either
mode For custom mode, either
, or


Hue-plus does not automatically run on startup. This will not be added as a feature, but you should do this manually if you want that. For windows, follow this: For Mac/Linux, use cron.


I (the author) hold no liability for any broken or not working Hue+ by running this script. It is provided as is. It worked for me, but your milage may vary

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