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A Prometheus exporter for OpenVPN.

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Prometheus OpenVPN exporter

Please note: This repository is currently unmaintained. Due to insufficient time and not using the exporter anymore we decided to archive this project.

This repository provides code for a simple Prometheus metrics exporter for OpenVPN. Right now it can parse files generated by OpenVPN's

, having one of the following formats:
  • Client statistics,
  • Server statistics with
    --status-version 2
    (comma delimited),
  • Server statistics with
    --status-version 3
    (tab delimited).

As it is not uncommon to run multiple instances of OpenVPN on a single system (e.g., multiple servers, multiple clients or a mixture of both), this exporter can be configured to scrape and export the status of multiple status files, using the

command line flag. Paths need to be comma separated. Metrics for all status files are exported over TCP port 9176.

Please refer to this utility's

function for a full list of supported command line flags.

Exposed metrics example

Client statistics

For clients status files, the exporter generates metrics that may look like this:

openvpn_client_auth_read_bytes_total{status_path="..."} 3.08854782e+08
openvpn_client_post_compress_bytes_total{status_path="..."} 4.5446864e+07
openvpn_client_post_decompress_bytes_total{status_path="..."} 2.16965355e+08
openvpn_client_pre_compress_bytes_total{status_path="..."} 4.538819e+07
openvpn_client_pre_decompress_bytes_total{status_path="..."} 1.62596168e+08
openvpn_client_tcp_udp_read_bytes_total{status_path="..."} 2.92806201e+08
openvpn_client_tcp_udp_write_bytes_total{status_path="..."} 1.97558969e+08
openvpn_client_tun_tap_read_bytes_total{status_path="..."} 1.53789941e+08
openvpn_client_tun_tap_write_bytes_total{status_path="..."} 3.08764078e+08
openvpn_status_update_time_seconds{status_path="..."} 1.490092749e+09
openvpn_up{status_path="..."} 1

Server statistics

For server status files (both version 2 and 3), the exporter generates metrics that may look like this:

openvpn_server_client_received_bytes_total{common_name="...",connection_time="...",real_address="...",status_path="...",username="...",virtual_address="..."} 139583
openvpn_server_client_sent_bytes_total{common_name="...",connection_time="...",real_address="...",status_path="...",username="...",virtual_address="..."} 710764
openvpn_server_route_last_reference_time_seconds{common_name="...",real_address="...",status_path="...",virtual_address="..."} 1.493018841e+09
openvpn_status_update_time_seconds{status_path="..."} 1.490089154e+09
openvpn_up{status_path="..."} 1
openvpn_server_connected_clients 1


Usage of openvpn_exporter:

  -openvpn.status_paths string
        Paths at which OpenVPN places its status files. (default "examples/client.status,examples/server2.status,examples/server3.status")
  -web.listen-address string
        Address to listen on for web interface and telemetry. (default ":9176")
  -web.telemetry-path string
        Path under which to expose metrics. (default "/metrics")
  -ignore.individuals bool
        If ignoring metrics for individuals (default false)


openvpn_exporter -openvpn.status_paths /etc/openvpn/openvpn-status.log


To use with docker you must mount your status file to

docker run -p 9176:9176 \
  -v /path/to/openvpn_server.status:/etc/openvpn_exporter/server.status \
  kumina/openvpn-exporter -openvpn.status_paths /etc/openvpn_exporter/server.status

Metrics should be available at http://localhost:9176/metrics.

Get a standalone executable binary

You can download the pre-compiled binaries from the releases page.

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