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Kubernetes Security Process and Security Committee docs

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Kubernetes Security Release Process and Security Committee documentation.

Product Security Committee (PSC)

The Product Security Committee (PSC) is responsible for triaging and handling the security issues for Kubernetes. Following are the current Product Security Committee members:

Associate members include: - Mo Khan (@enj)

- Sam Fowler (@sfowl) 

- Tabitha Sable (@tabbysable) 

- Taahir Ahmed (@ahmedtd) 

Emeritus members: - Brandon Philips (@philips)

- Jess Frazelle (@jessfraz) 

- Jonathan Pulsifer (@jonpulsifer) 

- Jordan Liggitt (@liggitt) 

Contacting the PSC

There are a number of contact points for the PSC and release managers in charge of security releases. Please use the correct forum for the best and fastest response.

| List or Group | Visibility | Uses | | ------------- | ---------- | ---- | | [email protected] | Private | Kubernetes security disclosures. This list is closely monitored and triaged by the PSC. See the disclosure guide for full details. | | kubernetes-security-discuss Google Group | Public | Discussion about security disclosure handling, this document, and other updates. | | [email protected] | Private | Release Managers private discussion. All members are subscribed to [email protected] | | [email protected] | Private | PSC private discussion. All members are subscribed to [email protected] |

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