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A repository for Kustomize manifests

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This repo is owned by the Manifests Working Group and contains kustomize packages for deploying Kubeflow applications.

It adheres to the following structure:

| Folder | Purpose | | - | - | | apps | Applications with their source code in upstream KF maintained by Kubeflow WGs (e.g., notebook-controller) | | common | Common services (Dex, Istio, Cert-Manager, KNative), maintained by the Manifests WG | | contrib | Applications contributed by community members, not owned by any Kubeflow WG | | distributions | Distribution-specific manifests (kfdef, stacks, aws, gcp, etc.). The goal is for this folder to become empty in subsequent releases, as per the Kubeflow Distributions Proposal. |

If you are a contributor authoring or editing the packages please see Best Practices. Note, please use kustomize v3.2.1 with manifests in this repo, before #538 is fixed which will allow latest kustomize to be used.


Currently, kubeflow/manifests has 2 types of general-purpose tests, unit test and E2E test. 1. Unit test: uses Github Actions, detailed code can be found here. 2. E2E test: uses python generated E2E test Argo workflow, detailed code can be found here.

More specifically,

  1. Unit test's abstract test model:

    make test
    Detailed code can be found here
  2. E2E test's abstract test model (same as kfctl):

    1. Create EKS cluster
    2. Deploy Kubeflow by kfctl
    3. Test individual component's status
    4. Only a few component's functionality tests
    5. Report test status and clean up
    Detailed code can be found here

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