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A vintage 1980s DOS inspired Twitter Bootstrap theme

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Bootstrap/386 is a Twitter bootstrap v2/31/4 theme to make webpages look like they are from the gentler, less distracting time of the 1980s.

     ____  ____  ____  _____________________  ___    ____        __   _____ ____  _____
    / __ )/ __ \/ __ \/_  / __/  _/ _ \/   |  / __ \     //  |  /( __ )/ /
   / _  / / / / / / / / /  __ \ / / / // / /| | / // /   //     /_ </ __  / __ \ 
  / // / // / // / / /  _/ // / / _, _/ __ |/ __/  //     / / // / /_/ / 
 //_/_/ //  //// // |//  |//      /_/      //_/___/  
  The Definitive All-in-one Graphical Tool-Kit for Micros and Terminals.  

There's a lot of micros and a lot of this future has arrived. graphics modes. Today there's CGA,
Hercules, MDA, and EGA. And that's only Use primitives like buttons, "toolbars" on the IBM-PC. and various "widgets" that will control your application. We handle rendering What about Tandy, CDC, Honeywell, these abstractions on screen for you. DEC, and Zenith? That's a different
problem. How about the portables on Think of your software in terms of tomorrows' horizon? Plan to ignore the Windows, Icons, Menus, and Pull-Downs. Compaq-1? Your customers won't. Even a WIMP can do it (TM).

Such incompatibilities shouldn't be That's the new paradigm of full-screen your concern. You focus on making interactive applications. Give your great microcomputer applications. We customers the rich interface that are focus on making your application work easy to use and also, easy to create. on tomorrow's computer. Give yourself that one-leg up on your competition. GUI is Good. GUI is God. It's called a "Graphical User Interface"
They've been in development for years Just look at how beautiful at places like XEROX Parc in Palo Alto your application can look with and Carnegie Mellon. And now, finally BOOTSTRAP/386:


Javascript settings are set via a global



The loading animation can be configured through the following values:

  • fastLoad
    (default: false) - disable all animation.
  • onePass
    (default: false) - when set, this will disable the second flyby cursor
  • speedFactor
    (default: 1.0) - This controls how fast the animation happens. Higher values mean faster animation.


_386 = { onePass: true, speedFactor: 1.25 };

Note: For the progressive animation to work you may need to set this stanza in your regular CSS:

body { visibility: hidden }

Accomodating users without javascript

During a 2018 April fools' prank, a user pointed out that this theme doesn't work without javascript. This is a valid concern, however it cannot be addressed without a user manually doing something since this is just a bootstrap theme.

Luckily, HTML5 permits noscript in the head section which means that style can be put in the noscript section. This means that putting this in the header would permit people without JS on to see the site:



While you're here, let me plug another fun project I have. This one includes a 1990's style "made for tv" infomercial I made. It's a better way to search manpages called mansnip. At least watch the youtube video, that took me days.

Let's make software fun again, remember those days? Oh you're too young? Well trust me, it used to be a blast! Let's do that again, it was a good time.

Also you can give me money, as little as $1/month ... Click on that heart sponsor thing at the top ... I'm a sponsorer as well!

Bugs and Stuff

Check out the contribution doc - it's easy, I swear.


  • Mailing list
  • Also try my github username on your messaging platform of choice

See the wiki for more documentation.


The font for the v4 is by VileR, used under Creative Commons Share-Alike, which can be found at


[1] The v3 version kinda sucked. You don't want that, do you? Brooks' 2nd system effect, not just the musings of 1975. Anyway, v4 is coming ...

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