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A Curated List of Azure Resources. The list provides you with enough resources to get a full overview of the services in Azure and get started with cloud computing.

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Awesome Azure - A Curated List of Azure Resources

This library provides resources to learn Azure and other Microsoft services. There is not one specific focus of the repository as Azure offers a large variety of services. The remaining files in the repo are Powershell files that allow you to perform actions on Azure. The main file azure-powershell.ps1 contains all the Powershell commands. In the Powershell-areas folder you will be able to find all the individual areas on Azure such as Machine Learning etc.

The repo starts with a few resources to get started with Azure in general. Then it moves onto all the resources in their respective areas. The resources includes both courses, videos, articles, guides etc. Every area has their own folder to make it easier to dive straight into the area you want to know more about. These folders similarly contains all the Powershell commands in the area. I have included a Powershell file with all the commands, which you can find here:

Azure Powershell Commands

Getting Started

Azure can be quite intimidating because of the vast amount of services and options. Therefore it would make sense to choose a specific learning path in order to learn how Azure can be used within the area you work in. I would recommend everone getting started with Azure to take the Azure Fundamentals course. This course provides a great introduction to all the various services. After this course you will have a better understanding of the Azure Ecosystem and you can dive into the specific area you are going to be working within.

Developer Tools

  • Azure Storage Explorer - Desktop client to easily manage Storage anywhere from Windows, MacOS, and Linux
  • Azure Resource Explorer - Allows you to view and edit Azure resource definitions directly from their JSON manfinests; effectively bypassing the API.

Microsoft Azure Links

  • Microsoft Azure Homepage - Visit Microsoft's web page describing the services they provide in Azure.
  • Microsoft Azure Free Trial - Create a free trial for 30 days. You will use your credit card for verification but you will not be charged for the products after the period ends.
  • Microsoft Azure Price Calculator - Microsoft created a pricing calculator to help you understand the pricing. Because the platform contains so many products, it is hard to understand the pricing. This tool will make it easier to understand the pricing of the different products.
  • Microsoft Azure Documentation - The documentation features various areas depending on what you are looking for.
  • Azure Resource Manager Templates - This repo contains all the resource manager templates for Azure. It is very likely you can find the desired template here for your project.
  • Azure Tips And Tricks is a resource that helps developers become more productive with Azure. Learn some of our favorite Azure tips and tricks—some long-standing, and new ones that have recently been added to shave hours off your coding tasks tomorrow.


  • - Find and compare Azure Virtual machines specs and pricing on a one page.

Free Courses

OpenEdx Courses

These are completely free and even provides a completion certification if you pass the exam. Because the courses frequently change, I have only created a link to the course collection. You can find the individual courses on this page. * All Courses * Azure Fundamentals * Databases in Azure * DevOps Testing * Azure Security and Compliance * Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment * Azure Application Deployment and Management * Microsoft Azure App Service * Automating Azure Workloads * Managing Azure Workloads * Microsoft Azure for AWS Experts * Microsoft Azure Storage * Microsoft Azure Identity * Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks * Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines * Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions * Securing Data in Azure SQL Server * Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions * Provisioning SQL Server and Azure SQL Databases * Introduction to DevOps Practices * Developing NoSQL Solutions in Azure * Processing Big Data with Azure Data Lake Analytics * Processing Real-Time Data Streams in Azure * Orchestrating Big Data with Azure Data Factory * Delivering a Data Warehouse in the Cloud * Implementing Predictive Analytics with Spark in Azure HDInsight * Implementing Real-Time Analytics with Hadoop in Azure HDInsight * Processing Big Data with Hadoop in Azure HDInsight * Application Monitoring and Feedback Loops * Infrastructure as Code * Migrating Workloads to Azure

Microsoft Virtual Academy

This is just a small list of the avaialble videos on MVA. The various subject directories includes the full list of videos available related to the subject.

Microsoft Learn

Azure Topics

Paid Courses

Generally, Microsoft's free courses provide an exceptional chance to get to know the various concepts in Azure. However, if you want to move beyond some of the basic and get more hands-on experience, these courses can help you. They are also good training for acquiring certificates.




Guides - Free

These guides/ebooks are completely free and will provide a good starting point. * Understanding Azure - A Guide for Developers * Data Science in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure Machine Learning and R * Microsoft Azure Essentials: Fundamentals of Azure, 2nd Edition * Building Cloud Apps with Microsoft Azure * Migrating SQL Server Databases to Azure * Microsoft Azure HDInsight - Technical Overview * Microsoft Azure Essentials Azure Machine Learning * Microsoft Azure Essentials Azure Automation * Microsoft Azure Essentials Azure Web Apps for Developers * The Business Value and TCO Advantage of Apache Hadoop in the Cloud with Microsoft Azure HDInsight * Cloud Driving Next Generation IT Skills


Find all the PowerShell modules you need. In order to get started with PowerShell, consider visiting this page: Get started with Azure PowerShell cmdlets. The gallery below provides the full list of modules. * PowerShell Gallery

Popular PowerShell Modules

These are a selection of some of the more popular PowerShell modules. * AzureRM.profile * Azure.Storage * AzureRM.ApiManagement * AzureRM.Compute * AzureRM.Cdn * AzureRM.DataLakeStore * AzureRM.HDInsight * AzureRM.KeyVault * AzureRM.OperationalInsights * AzureRM.RedisCache * AzureRM.Resources

YouTube Videos

Paid Certifications

When you have learned all the fundamentals in Azure you can move on to the paid certificates.

Certification tracks

Certification Exams




Microsoft Documentation

Additional documentation from Microsoft will be included in the folders for the specific areas.

Quora Questions

Other Relevant Questions

Stackoverflow Questions - Azure

New Questions - Azure

Top Questions

Books - Free

Books - Paid



Microsoft offers a programme that allow startups to get up to $120k of free Azure cloud credits. You can read more here: * BizSpark

Cheat Sheets


This project was created to keep a centralized place for all the resources I needed to become proficient in Azure. Feel free to suggest or add other resources that might be relevant or let me know if some of the resources are unavailable.

You can read more on contributing in the file.

Going Forward

The repository will be updated with regular intervals.


License: MIT

See the explanation of the MIT License here..

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