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Monitor Apache Spark from Jupyter Notebook

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Spark Monitor - An extension for Jupyter Notebook

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Google Summer of Code - Final Report

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SparkMonitor is an extension for Jupyter Notebook that enables the live monitoring of Apache Spark Jobs spawned from a notebook. The extension provides several features to monitor and debug a Spark job from within the notebook interface itself.



  • Automatically displays a live monitoring tool below cells that run Spark jobs in a Jupyter notebook
  • A table of jobs and stages with progressbars
  • A timeline which shows jobs, stages, and tasks
  • A graph showing number of active tasks & executor cores vs time
  • A notebook server extension that proxies the Spark UI and displays it in an iframe popup for more details
  • For a detailed list of features see the use case notebooks
  • How it Works

Quick Installation

pip install sparkmonitor
jupyter nbextension install sparkmonitor --py --user --symlink 
jupyter nbextension enable sparkmonitor --py --user            
jupyter serverextension enable --py --user sparkmonitor
ipython profile create && echo "c.InteractiveShellApp.extensions.append('sparkmonitor.kernelextension')" >>  $(ipython profile locate default)/

For more detailed instructions click here

To do a quick test of the extension:

docker run -it -p 8888:8888 krishnanr/sparkmonitor

Integration with ROOT and SWAN

At CERN, the SparkMonitor extension would find two main use cases: * Distributed analysis with ROOT and Apache Spark using the DistROOT module. Here is an example demonstrating this use case. * Integration with SWAN, A service for web based analysis, via a modified container image for SWAN user sessions.

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