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Get teamviewer's ID and password from a remote computer in the LAN

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Get teamviewer's ID and password from a remote computer in the LAN

This program gets teamviewer's ID and password from a remote computer in the LAN.

Most useful for postexploitation or sysadmins

Tested on windows 7 and windows 10 x86 and x64

Download binaries from releases folder


You must have valid credentials on the remote computer Port 445 must be accesible on target machine Teamviewer must be installed on target machine, you can get id and password from a temporary teamviewer execution also but you need to modify the code

Execution examples:

hook.exe must be in same folder as getTeamPass.exe If execution fails execute again until you get the ID and password

getTeamPass.exe -h for printing the help getTeamPass.exe -t [targetIp] -u [Username] -p [UsernamePassword] -d [usernameDomain] # -d parameter is optional getTeamPass.exe -t -u administrator -p Password2018 getTeamPass.exe -t -u administrator -p Password2018 -d domain

Execution video



This commands will generate files getTeamPass and hook.exe

pip install -r extras/requirements.txt

pyinstaller --onefile --icon=k.ico --version-file=getTeamPassVersion.txt

pyinstaller --onefile --icon=k.ico --version-file=hook_Version.txt

Sha-256 checksums of files

The checksum of the files can be found on the corresponding releases folder




This program uses pywinauto lib to get the ID and password from the graphical teamviewer window

It also uses psexec, so if execution fails, test this command: psexec.exe -u user -p password \\targetip cmd -accepteula

if the command works, this tool should work


Reduce the final size of the compiled files

Add more exception handling

Add network range capabilities to check all computers in a lan

In the future if teamviewer is not found in the remote machine, inject it

Add linux support

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