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This project is the official Frontend codebase of which is a software related job board for Turkey.

Tech Stack

This project based on Vue stack and uses Vuex, Vue Router and Vue CLI.

Ajax Requests

To handle AJAX requests, we use axios. The data we fetch from the server will unlikely change during a user session, so we cache responses using an Axios Middleware called axios-extensions. This makes our app blazingly fast in between page changes. For the best user experience, we also maintain the scroll position between pages changes, thanks to Vue Router's Scroll Behavior feature.


Since is a Single Page Application job posting board, SEO plays a very critical role in our organic growth. To generate dynamic page title, keywords, meta tags and Open Graph tags, we use vue-meta from Nuxt team. On top of that, we use to serve SEO friendly HTML to search engines.

Running project locally

We use yarn as our package manager and you should have yarn installed on your machine to be able to run this project locally. After that you can run the following commands in order.

  • yarn install
  • yarn serve


Please take a look at the CHANGELOG file.


More content

You can take a look the following video to deep dive into the codebase.


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