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A hooks to svg drawing.

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is React drawing library. This library is a React extension of svg-drawing


Get started

yarn add react react-hooks-svgdrawing

How to use

This is example.

import React from 'react'
import { useSvgDrawing } from 'react-hooks-svgdrawing'

const Drawing = () => { const [renderRef, draw] = useSvgDrawing() // Drawing area will be resized to fit the rendering area return


useSvgDrawing options.

const [renderRef, draw] = useSvgDrawing({
  penWidth: 10, // pen width
  penColor: '#e00', // pen color
  close: true, // Use close command for path. Default is false.
  curve: false, // Use curve command for path. Default is true.
  delay: 60, // Set how many ms to draw points every.
  fill: ''// Set fill attribute for path. default is `none`

Drawing methods.

const [renderRef, draw] = useSvgDrawing()

// Call the SvgDrawing. Access the current settings of penWidth, penColor etc // Details are console.log(draw.instance.penColor) // #333 console.log(draw.instance.penWidth) // 1

// Erase all drawing. draw.clear()

// Download image. // default svg download'svg')'png')'jpg')

// Undo drawing. draw.undo()

// Change pen config draw.changePenColor('#00b') // Change pen width draw.changePenWidth(10) // Change fill attribure of svg path element. draw.changFill('#00b') // Change throttle delay of drawing draw.changeDelay(10) // Set whether to use curved comma for svg path element. draw.changCurve(false) // Set whether to use curved comma for svg path element. draw.changeClose(true)

// get svgXML // return SVGElement console.log(draw.getSvgXML()) // example code

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