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A node.js module for generating random strings

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Library to help you create random strings.


To install randomstring, use npm:

npm install randomstring


var randomstring = require("randomstring");

randomstring.generate(); // >> "XwPp9xazJ0ku5CZnlmgAx2Dld8SHkAeT"

randomstring.generate(7); // >> "xqm5wXX"

randomstring.generate({ length: 12, charset: 'alphabetic' }); // >> "AqoTIzKurxJi"

randomstring.generate({ charset: 'abc' }); // >> "accbaabbbbcccbccccaacacbbcbbcbbc"


  • generate(options)
    • length
      - the length of the random string. (default: 32) [OPTIONAL]
    • readable
      - exclude poorly readable chars: 0OIl. (default: false) [OPTIONAL]
    • charset
      - define the character set for the string. (default: 'alphanumeric') [OPTIONAL]
    • alphanumeric
      - [0-9 a-z A-Z]
    • alphabetic
      - [a-z A-Z]
    • numeric
      - [0-9]
    • hex
      - [0-9 a-f]
    • custom
      - any given characters
    • capitalization
      - define whether the output should be lowercase / uppercase only. (default: null) [OPTIONAL]
    • lowercase
    • uppercase

Command Line Usage

$ npm install -g randomstring

$ randomstring > sKCx49VgtHZ59bJOTLcU0Gr06ogUnDJi

$ randomstring 7 > CpMg433

$ randomstring length=24 charset=github readable > hthbtgiguihgbuttuutubugg


npm install
npm test


node-randomstring is licensed under the MIT license.

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