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OAuth client for aiohttp

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AIOAuth Client

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AIOAuth Client -- OAuth support for Asyncio_ / Trio_ libraries.

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  • python >= 3.7

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AIOAuth Client should be installed using pip: ::

pip install aioauth-client

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.. code:: python

# OAuth2
from aioauth_client import GithubClient

github = GithubClient( client_id='b6281b6fe88fa4c313e6', client_secret='21ff23d9f1cad775daee6a38d230e1ee05b04f7c', )

authorize_url = github.get_authorize_url(scope="user:email")


Reload client to authorize_url and get code


otoken, _ = await github.get_access_token(code)

Save the token for later use


github = GithubClient( client_id='b6281b6fe88fa4c313e6', client_secret='21ff23d9f1cad775daee6a38d230e1ee05b04f7c', access_token=otoken, )

Or you can use this if you have initilized client already

github.access_token = otoken

response = await github.request('GET', 'user') user_info = await response.json()

.. code:: python

# OAuth1
from aioauth_client import TwitterClient

twitter = TwitterClient( consumer_key='J8MoJG4bQ9gcmGh8H7XhMg', consumer_secret='7WAscbSy65GmiVOvMU5EBYn5z80fhQkcFWSLMJJu4', )

request_token, _ = await twitter.get_request_token()

authorize_url = twitter.get_authorize_url(request_token) print("Open",authorize_url,"in a browser")


Reload client to authorize_url and get oauth_verifier


print("PIN code:") oauth_verifier = input() oauth_token, data = await twitter.get_access_token(oauth_verifier) oauth_token_secret = data.get('oauth_token_secret')

Save the tokens for later use


twitter = TwitterClient( consumer_key='J8MoJG4bQ9gcmGh8H7XhMg', consumer_secret='7WAscbSy65GmiVOvMU5EBYn5z80fhQkcFWSLMJJu4', oauth_token=oauth_token, oauth_token_secret=oauth_token_secret, )

Or you can use this if you have initilized client already

twitter.access_token = oauth_token

twitter.access_token_secret = oauth_token_secret

timeline = await twitter.request('GET', 'statuses/home_timeline.json') content = await print(content)


Run example with command: ::

make example

Open http://localhost:5000 in your browser.

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Bug tracker

If you have any suggestions, bug reports or annoyances please report them to the issue tracker at

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Development of AIOAuth Client happens at:

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Licensed under a

MIT license

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