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A flask API for running your scrapy spiders

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Arachne provides a wrapper around your scrapy

object to run them through a flask app. All you have to do is customize
in the settings file.


You can install Arachne from pip

pip install Arachne

Sample settings

This is sample settings file for spiders in your project. The settings file should be called for Arachne to find it and looks like this::

# file
        'endpoint': 'dmoz',
        'location': 'spiders.DmozSpider',
        'spider': 'DmozSpider'    


It looks very similar to a flask app but since Scrapy depends on the python twisted package, we need to run our flask app with twisted::

from twisted.web.wsgi import WSGIResource
from twisted.web.server import Site
from twisted.internet import reactor
from arachne import Arachne

app = Arachne(name)

resource = WSGIResource(reactor, reactor.getThreadPool(), app) site = Site(resource) reactor.listenTCP(8080, site)

if name == 'main':

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