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Full stack web app starter template using React, ES6, CoffeeScript, Express, and more

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Full stack web app starter template with React 15, React Router, ES6 (via Babel), CoffeeScript, Express/Node.js, Semantic-UI, Gulp and more.


Getting Started

  1. Fork and/or clone
  2. Run
    npm install
  3. Start the dev server by running
    $(npm bin)/gulp
  4. Visit http://localhost:3000
  5. Get to work!

Languages / Frameworks / Libraries

  • Facebook's React for client side view and controller logic
  • React Router for client side routing
  • ES6 (via Babel)
  • CoffeeScript with React sugar (.cjsx)
  • Normalize-CSS for normalization of default element styles across browsers
  • Semantic-UI CSS framework
  • LESS for extended styling capabilities
  • Autoprefixer for automatic vendor prefixing
  • JQuery because semantic wants it (use React for most client side view rendering / manipulation)
  • Webpack for client side CommonJS modules and script concatenation
  • Express for server side logic
  • Gulp for building and change monitoring
  • LiveReload

Development Notes

  • Client side scripts are concatenated using Webpack. The main entry point is client.cjsx. From here you can require() other .cjsx, .coffee, .jsx, or .js files.
  • ES6 is supported in JS and JSX files; these are transpiled to ES5 via Babel. There's an example of this in
  • The main stylesheet entry point is styles.less.
  • The server entry point is


Install a live reload plugin for your browser (e.g. RemoteLiveReload for Chrome) to instantly see your changes in the browser when a client side file (cjsx/coffee/jsx/js/less/css/html) changes.



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