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pytorch implementation for Contrastive Adaptation Network

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Contrastive Adaptation Network

Update: 2020-10-17: We have extended our method to the multi-source domain adaptation scenario. Please refer to our TPAMI paper Contrastive Adaptation Network for Single- and Multi-Source Domain Adaptation for more details. We will release our code for the multi-source domain adaptation soon.

2019-11: This is the Pytorch implementation for our CVPR 2019 paper Contrastive Adaptation Network for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation. As we reorganized our code based on a new pytorch version, some hyper-parameters are slightly different from the paper.


  • Python 3.7
  • Pytorch 1.1
  • PyYAML 5.1.1


The structure of the dataset should be like

|_ category.txt
|_ amazon
|  |_ back_pack
|     |_ .jpg
|     |_ ...
|     |_ .jpg
|  |_ bike
|     |_ .jpg
|     |_ ...
|     |_ .jpg
|  |_ ...
|_ dslr
|  |_ back_pack
|     |_ .jpg
|     |_ ...
|     |_ .jpg
|  |_ bike
|     |_ .jpg
|     |_ ...
|     |_ .jpg
|  |_ ...
|_ ...

The "category.txt" contains the names of all the categories, which is like



./experiments/scripts/ ${config_yaml} ${gpu_ids} ${adaptation_method} ${experiment_name}

For example, for the Office-31 dataset,

./experiments/scripts/ ./experiments/config/Office-31/CAN/office31_train_amazon2dslr_cfg.yaml 0 CAN office31_a2d
for the VisDA-2017 dataset,
./experiments/scripts/ ./experiments/config/VisDA-2017/CAN/visda17_train_train2val_cfg.yaml 0 CAN visda17_train2val

The experiment log file and the saved checkpoints will be stored at ./experiments/ckpt/${experiment_name}


./experiments/scripts/ ${config_yaml} 0 ${if_adapted} ${experiment_name}


./experiments/scripts/ ./experiments/config/Office-31/office31_test_amazon_cfg.yaml 0 True visda17_test


Please cite our paper if you use our code in your research: ``` @article{kangcontrastive, title={Contrastive Adaptation Network for Single-and Multi-Source Domain Adaptation}, author={Kang, Guoliang and Jiang, Lu and Wei, Yunchao and Yang, Yi and Hauptmann, Alexander G}, journal={IEEE transactions on pattern analysis and machine intelligence}, year={2020} }

@inproceedings{kang2019contrastive, title={Contrastive Adaptation Network for Unsupervised Domain Adaptation}, author={Kang, Guoliang and Jiang, Lu and Yang, Yi and Hauptmann, Alexander G}, booktitle={Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition}, pages={4893--4902}, year={2019} } ```


If you have any questions, please contact me via [email protected]

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