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Repository that contains android tutorial projects and sample applications

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This repository contains android tutorial projects that contain code of the sample applications that implements any particular feature. This repository is to help the developer to understand the feature and quickly implement the working code for that feature.

Here is the list of all the samples:

Android Demo:

  • Android Quick Settings Tile: This sample implements Quick Settings Tiles introduced in Android 7.0.
  • Animated Vector Drawables: This sample demonstrates how to animate vector drawables using path morophing.
  • Music player: Demostartes how to create music player application.
  • Calender Read Demo: Smaple project to demostrate how to read calander events and its details from the calender provider.
  • Contacs Read Demo: Smaple project to demostrate how to read contacts details from the contact provider.
  • Fake call: Application to ring fake call after specific amount of time.
  • Google Awarness API Demo: This project demostates, how to use Google Awarness APIs and how to use Frnce and Snapshot API.
  • Upload File Demo: This project demostates you, how you can upload file in a multopart request using HttpUrlConnection.
  • Widget Sample: This demo implements simple widget to count the number of clicks.
  • Estimote Beacon Distance Demo: Detect the distance from you estimote beacon using altbeacon library.
  • Content Provider & Resolver: Demostrates how you can implement your custom content provider and content detector.
  • SQLite Demo: Smaple project to demostrate how to use SQLite database in your app.

Android Wear Demos:

  • Android Wear Notifications: This sample demonstrates how you can extend simple notification to perform android wear specific actions.
  • Watchface: This sample demonstrates how you create smaple watchface and cusomize it.
  • Sample Android Wear App: This is the sample android app that runs on android wear and demonstrates how to implement always on screen, step counter and responsive layout for square and round screens.

Create Your Self:


If you have any sample app that might be useful to other android developers, you are welcome to contribute by creating new pull request. Before creating the pull request, you must read contribuion guide lines.


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