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The sample code for my book: You, I, and ReactiveUI

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You, I, and ReactiveUI Samples

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I'm Kent, the author of these ReactiveUI code samples. I want to make sure you're aware of my book – You, I, and ReactiveUI – for which this code was written. Whilst I consider these samples useful in their own right, you will get far more value out of them by studying them in conjunction with the book.

The book provides in-depth discussion on all things ReactiveUI, giving you the knowledge and understanding required to be highly effective with it. Whether you're new to ReactiveUI, or already proficient in it, I know you'll get a lot of value out of the book. To give you an idea of the content covered, here is the table of contents:

Part 0: First Steps * Introduction * A ReactiveUI Showcase * Getting Started

Part 1: Fundamentals * Splat * ReactiveObject * WhenAny and Friends * ObservableAsPropertyHelper * Reactive Commands * Interactions * Reactive Lists * Message Bus

Part 2: Platform Integration * Events * IViewFor * Bindings * View Location * ViewModelViewHost * RoutedViewHost * WhenActivated * Auto Persistence

Part 3: Best Practices * Composition * Scheduling * Error Handling * Performance * Testing * Structure and Style

Part 4: Appendices * Appendix A: Reactive Extensions

On top of the extensive content and these fantastic code samples, I put a great deal of effort into typesetting the book. I think you'll agree that the result is a beautiful thing:

Book Preview 1   Book Preview 2
Book Preview 3   Book Preview 4

Hopefully I've convinced you that my efforts to create the very best resource for ReactiveUI programmers was worth it. If you want to support me and my work, please buy the book. If not, that's OK. I hope you get some value out of these samples all the same.


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