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Dashboards by Keen IO

Building an analytics dashboard? Don’t start from scratch. Grab one of our CSS Grid-based templates and admire your data in minutes.

UPDATE: All examples in this repo have been updated to use keen-dataviz.js and keen-analysis.js, as well as CDN versions of all dependencies. When producing charts with keen-dataviz.js, the HTML wrapper for each chart (

, described below) is rendered automatically.

Begin with a layout:

Hero Thirds Example

Add charts to each

HTML element:
Chart Title
Notes about this chart (optional)

And voilà!

Sample Dashboard

An attractive, custom analytics dashboard that's ready to be shown to your team or your customers. No hours lost tweaking CSS or testing responsiveness on eight different mobile devices.

The Templates

These layout templates are composed of a minimal set of custom styles. They cover the most common use cases and layout configurations we've encountered so far.

  • Layouts for pre-built, responsive dashboard views
  • Examples for specific domains, data models and popular integrations


These templates can work with any data source or charting library, but they're particularly streamlined to work with Keen IO's Dataviz SDK. You can add some charts to your dashboard with just a few lines of code. Talk to our team to get started today.


Ready to use one of these awesome layouts? Here's how to get started.

  1. Download a copy of this repository as a zip file, using this link. You can also type

    git clone keen/dashboards
    in your terminal.
  2. Check out the various layouts and pick the one that best suits your needs. Find the template in the repository you downloaded at

  3. Start editing! In the destination folder will exist an

    file. Open it in your favorite text editor. There are three things you need to do to edit your dashboard:
    1. Setup: If you're a registered Keen IO user, navigate to your keen project or if you don't have a user at first, you can simply use some demo data that we've prepared for you. You can access those by going to the repository and navigating to demo-data. There, you will see some javascript files with some code in them. We will simply paste those in the .html file.
    2. Some copypasta. When you navigate to the bottom of the .html file, you can see that there are a bunch of script tags. Just before the end of the body tag, we're going to add in the code from sample.html. Simply copy and paste the code just before you see

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