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event-driven networking library for .NET

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About Kayak

Kayak is an event-driven networking library for .NET. It allows you to easily create TCP clients and servers. Kayak contains an HTTP/1.1 server implementation.

Kayak is Copyright (c) 2007-2011 Benjamin van der Veen. Kayak is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt.
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How to build

Kayak uses Rake, the Ruby build tool, to perform builds. Ruby must be installed on your system to build Kayak. The build script is known to work with Ruby 1.9.2, and depends on Albacore, a suite of Rake tasks for .NET.

To build:

$ gem install albacore
$ git clone [email protected]/kayak/kayak.git
$ cd kayak
$ rake

Note: You can build Kayak from within your IDE, but you should run the build script first to bootstrap the source tree. The bootstrap process inits and updates some git submodules and downloads some binary dependencies from Please make sure your GitHub username and token are set before building or the submodules will fail to update. See this guide for more information.


Binary Dependencies:


Please use the GitHub issue tracker to report bugs. Use the "Bug" label to tag your issue.


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