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Vim plugin: Testing framework for Vim script

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vim-vspec - A testing framework for Vim script


vim-vspec is a testing framework for Vim script. It consists of:

  • Utilities to run tests in an isolated Vim process,
  • A testing framework to write tests in a format which resembles RSpec, and
  • Additional syntax/indent files for Vim script to write tests.

A typical test script written with vim-vspec looks like as follows:

runtime plugin/MyGitUtilities.vim

describe 'GetGitBranchName()' before call delete('tmp/test', 'rf') call mkdir('tmp/test', 'p') cd tmp/test end

after cd - end

context 'in a non-Git directory' it 'returns "-"' Expect GetGitBranchName('.') ==# '-' end end

context 'in a Git repository' before !git init && touch foo && git add foo && git commit -m 'Initial commit' end

it 'returns the current branch'
  Expect GetGitBranchName('.') ==# 'master'

it 'detects detached HEAD state'
  !git checkout master~0
  Expect GetGitBranchName('.') ==# 'master~0'

end end

Typical ways to run tests are as follows:

# Run tests in a specific file.
# The current directory is injected into &rutimepath before running tests.
$PATH_TO_VSPEC/bin/prove-vspec -d $PWD t/branch.vim

Like the above, but run all tests in all files under the t directory.

$PATH_TO_VSPEC/bin/prove-vspec -d $PWD t/

Like the above, but you may omit t because it's the default target.

$PATH_TO_VSPEC/bin/prove-vspec -d $PWD

Its output looks like as follows:

t/branch.vim .. ok
All tests successful.
Files=1, Tests=3,  1 wallclock secs ( 0.02 usr  0.00 sys +  0.07 cusr  0.11 csys =  0.20 CPU)
Result: PASS

runs a test script in an isolated Vim process, and show a summary like the above. User-specific configurations, like
and files in
, will never be used to avoid unintentional dependencies.

For proper testing, you have to set up environment to run tests. Suppose that you want to test a plugin which depends on some other plugins, you have to:

  • Install such dependencies to somewhere, and
  • Specify where the dependencies are installed to run tests.

These steps are tedious to do by hand. It is recommended to use vim-flavor to automate such tasks. See How to set up GitHub Actios as CI for Vim plugin development for details.

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