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Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) module for Play 2.6

A minimal S3 API wrapper. Allows you to list, get, add and remove items from a bucket.

Has some extra features that help with direct upload and authenticated url generation.

Note: this version uses the new aws 4 signer, this requires you to correctly set the region

Important changes

10.0.0 - Upgraded to Play 2.7

9.0.0 - Upgraded to Play 2.6 - Upgraded to Scala 2.12

8.0.0 - Upgraded to Play 2.5

7.0.0 - Organisation has been changed to 'net.kaliber' - Resolver (maven repository) has been moved -

methods have been renamed to
. Added
methods that can be used without access to an application (useful for application loaders introduced in Play 2.4)


  val appDependencies = Seq(
    "net.kaliber" %% "play-s3" % "9.0.0"

// use the following version for play 2.5
"net.kaliber" %% "play-s3" % "8.0.0"
// use the following version for play 2.4
"net.kaliber" %% "play-s3" % "7.0.2"
// use the following version for play 2.3
"nl.rhinofly" %% "play-s3" % "6.0.0"
// use the following version for play 2.2
//"nl.rhinofly" %% "play-s3" % "4.0.0"
// use the following version for play 2.1
//"nl.rhinofly" %% "play-s3" % "3.1.1"


// use the following for play 2.5 and 2.4

resolvers += "Kaliber Internal Repository" at ""

// use the following for play 2.3 and below resolvers += "Rhinofly Internal Repository" at ""


should contain the following information:

If you are hosting in a specific region that can be specified. If you are using another S3 implementation (like riakCS), you can customize the domain name and https usage with these values:

#default is us-east-1
#default is determined by the region, see:""
#default is true
#default is true
#required in case dots are present in the bucket name and https is enabled


Getting a S3 instance:

val s3 = S3.fromApplication(playApplication)
// or
val s3 = S3.fromConfiguration(wsClient, playConfiguration)

Getting a bucket:

val bucket = s3.getBucket("bucketName")

Adding a file:

//not that acl and headers are optional, the default value for acl is set to PUBLIC_READ.

val result = bucket + BucketFile(fileName, mimeType, byteArray, acl, headers) //or val result = bucket add BucketFile(fileName, mimeType, byteArray, acl, headers)

result .map { unit =>"Saved the file") } .recover { case S3Exception(status, code, message, originalXml) =>"Error: " + message) }

Removing a file:

val result = bucket - fileName
val result = bucket remove fileName

Retrieving a file:

val result = bucket get "fileName" { case BucketFile(name, contentType, content, acl, headers) => //... } //or val file = Await.result(result, 10 seconds) val BucketFile(name, contentType, content, acl, headers) = file

Listing the contents of a bucket:

val result = bucket.list { items => { case BucketItem(name, isVirtual) => //... } }

//or using a prefix val result = bucket list "prefix"

Retrieving a private url:

val url = bucket.url("fileName", expirationFromNowInSeconds)

Renaming a file:

val result = bucket rename("oldFileName", "newFileName", ACL)

Multipart file upload:

// Retrieve an upload ticket
val result:Future[BucketFileUploadTicket] =
  bucket initiateMultipartUpload BucketFile(fileName, mimeType)

// Upload the parts and save the tickets val result:Future[BucketFilePartUploadTicket] = bucket uploadPart (uploadTicket, BucketFilePart(partNumber, content))

// Complete the upload using both the upload ticket and the part upload tickets val result:Future[Unit] = bucket completeMultipartUpload (uploadTicket, partUploadTickets)

Updating the ACL of a file:

val result:Future[Unit] = bucket updateACL ("fileName", ACL)

Retrieving the ACL of a file:

val result = testBucket.getAcl("private2README.txt")

for { aclList //... case Grant(READ, Group(uri)) => //... }

Browser upload helpers:

val `1 minute from now` = System.currentTimeMillis + (1 * 60 * 1000)

// import condition builders import

// create a policy and set the conditions val policy = testBucket.uploadPolicy(expiration = new Date(1 minute from now)) .withConditions( key startsWith "test/", acl eq PUBLIC_READ, successActionRedirect eq expectedRedirectUrl, header(CONTENT_TYPE) startsWith "text/", meta("tag").any) .toPolicy

// import Form helper import

val formFieldsFromPolicy = Form(policy).fields

// convert the form fields from the policy to an actial form formFieldsFromPolicy .map { case FormElement(name, value, true) => s"""""" case FormElement(name, value, false) => s"""""" }

// make sure you add the file form field as last val allFormFields = formFieldsFromPolicy.mkString("\n") + """"""

More examples can be found in the

in the
folder. In order to run the tests you need an
file in the
that looks like this:


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