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K8Spin multi-tenant operator - OSS

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K8Spin Operator

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Kubernetes multi-tenant operator. Enables multi-tenant capabilities in your Kubernetes Cluster.



The main features included in the Operator:

  • Enable Multi-Tenant: Adds three new hierarchy concepts (Organizations, Tenants, and Spaces).
  • Secure and scalable cluster management delegation: Cluster Admins creates Organizations then delegating its access to users and groups.
  • Cluster budget management: Assigning resources in the organization definition makes it possible to understand how many resources are allocated to a user, team, or the whole company.


K8Spin manages the multi-tenant feature with three simple concepts:

  • Organization: Created by a cluster administrator, hosts tenants. Cluster administrator can set compute quotas for the whole Organization and grant permissions to users and/or groups.
  • Tenant: A tenant can be created by an Organization administrator hosting spaces. The Tenant administrator can fix compute quotas and assign roles to users and/or groups. Tenants resources should fit into Organization resources.
  • Space: Tenant administrators can create Spaces. Space is an abstraction layer on top of a Namespace. A tenant administrator should assign quotas and roles to Space. Space resources should fit into Tenant resources.


Clone this repo, cd into it and:

Install with Helm 3

Take a look to the K8Spin helm chart documentation.

# Create a local cluster
$ kind create cluster
# Deploy cert-manager
$ helm repo add jetstack
$ helm repo update
$ helm install cert-manager jetstack/cert-manager --version v1.1.0 --set installCRDs=true
$ kubectl wait --for=condition=Available deployment --timeout=2m -n cert-manager --all
# Deploy K8Spin operator
$ helm chart pull
v1.1.0: Pulling from
name:    k8spin-operator
version: v1.1.0
Status: Downloaded newer chart for
$ helm chart export
$ helm install k8spin-operator ./k8spin-operator
$ kubectl wait --for=condition=Available deployment --timeout=2m --all

Install with kubectl

# Create a local cluster
$ kind create cluster
# Deploy cert-manager
$ kubectl apply -f deployments/kubernetes/cert-manager/cert-manager.yaml
$ kubectl wait --for=condition=Available deployment --timeout=2m -n cert-manager --all
# Deploy K8Spin operator
$ kubectl apply -f ./deployments/kubernetes/crds/ -n default
$ kubectl apply -f ./deployments/kubernetes/roles/ -n default
$ kubectl apply -f ./deployments/kubernetes/ -n default
$ kubectl wait --for=condition=Available deployment --timeout=2m -n default --all

Now you are ready to use the operator

$ kubectl apply -f examples/org-1.yaml created
$ kubectl apply -f examples/tenant-1.yaml created
$ kubectl apply -f examples/space-1.yaml created

As cluster-admin check organizations:

$ kubectl get org
example   86s

If you have installed the K8Spin kubectl plugin:

$ kubectl k8spin get org
Name                CPU                 Memory
example             10                  10Gi


organization admin get available tenants:
kubectl get tenants -n org-example --as Angel --as-group ""
crm    7m31s


tenant admin get spaces:
$ kubectl get spaces -n org-example-tenant-crm --as Angel --as-group ""
dev    9m24s

Run a workload in the dev space:

$ kubectl run nginx --image nginxinc/nginx-unprivileged --replicas=2 -n org-example-tenant-crm-space-dev --as Angel --as-group ""
pod/nginx created

Discover workloads in the dev space as space viewer:

$ kubectl get pods -n org-example-tenant-crm-space-dev --as Pau
nginx   1/1     Running   0          66s


Discover all the power of this operator reading all the documentation


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The scripts and documentation in this project are released under the GNU GPLv3

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